Brand Identity, Art Direction & Design

We knew of this crew from going to events at Slow Culture (a continuation of This Gallery) and from eating tasty little popsicles from a red Cushman. We mention this because knowing where these guys came from helped us to understand where they ultimately wanted to go. To come out of the gates with a blog-to-table burger shack in Chinatown made our main concept really clear: the identity should be "highly sharable." Check #burgerlords, get hungry, and remember: this is Chinatown's Original Burger with a Flag in It.


Above: Rick Rodney
Below: Morgnar, Taylor Rainbolt

Sign Painting
Neil Hubert & Bill Sanders

Photo: @morgnar
Photo: Taylor Rainbolt
Photo via @jasonlee210
via @burgerlords instagram
2-color Risograph poster Photo: @morgnar
Photo: @morgnar
Photo: @morgnar