The Triforium Project

Event Branding & Poster Design

From the LA Times: "For 43 years, the hulking monument of concrete and colored glass known as the Triforium has towered over Fletcher Bowron Square in downtown Los Angeles, an object of apathy once the mockery had quieted down. Creator Joseph Young saw it as an instrument of cultural unity through music and light. Critics ridiculed it as “Trifoolery,” "Psychedelic Nickelodeon" and "Schlockenspiel.” For most of the last four decades, it has sat dark and quiet, producing little but rust. Then a trio of thirtysomethings fell in love with the Triforium, as both L.A. story and art. Their enthusiasm turned into a $100,000 grant, which has turned into a high-tech, digital rebirth, bringing synchronized music and light to an otherwise dreary corner of the Civic Center."

Neil Hubert

Created by:
YACHT & Tom Explores LA