Rhetorical Q: why does Tim Lahan continually slay so hard?

Wednesday Apr 27th, 2016

A great read about reading on the internet in our age of multiscreen stimulation by thee Duane King.

Monday Apr 25th, 2016

This is what our buddy Aaron would call a "daywrecker" ... BAT-LABELS.

Thursday Apr 21st, 2016

Did we mention we have really rad neighbors? Sussman/Prejza + Studio Unlisted + Building Block

Thursday Mar 31st, 2016

Saturday 4/2: Public Library is having a party at Austere: be there. Later in April: get schooled.

Tuesday Mar 29th, 2016

Good buddy Nico (Ornamental Conifer) is in a group show at Superchief.

Monday Mar 28th, 2016

The work coming out of Central Office is all kinds of good. Respect.

Friday Mar 25th, 2016

No Buzzwords, No Big Talkers, No Bullshit: studio mantra painted by Neil.

Wednesday Mar 23rd, 2016

What I give form to in daylight is only one per cent of what I have seen in darkness. – M.C. ESCHER

Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2016

Architectural Record notes the work from Evan Raabe, partner and architect at Creative Space.

Friday Mar 18th, 2016

Our friends at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel open their doors today.

Sunday Mar 13th, 2016

Picture the California flag but with an armadillo, instead of a bear. Manuela in the LA Times.

Friday Mar 4th, 2016

Enamel pins have been re-stocked at Burgerlords – ask for the "off-menu" fries and see what happens.

Tuesday Mar 1st, 2016

Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957 is on view at the Hammer until May 15.

Sunday Feb 21st, 2016

In Portland, Oregon? Come on over to the One Moto Show.

Friday Feb 12th, 2016

Insanely talented illustrator & artist Brian Rea moved in next door! Welcome, neighbor.

Friday Jan 1st, 2016

Recently acquired: Alvin Lustig's monograph.

Wednesday Dec 30th, 2015

Pro-tip: burn Incense of the Southwest to enhance odors in the workplace.

Wednesday Dec 2nd, 2015

Atahualpa Yupanqui is a non-negotiable audio perk that is played in the office. Daily.

Tuesday Dec 1st, 2015

We don’t talk about planes flying; we talk about them crashing. – TIBOR KALMAN

Friday Nov 27th, 2015

Long-time client Alta Motors takes their electric SM bike to the races ... and wins.

Wednesday Nov 11th, 2015

We signed our lease in Mandarin Plaza, thus making things feel "real deal."

Saturday Aug 1st, 2015